Hockey Scholarships

Brandon was an outstanding player for the Owensboro Hockey League and was Captain during his Senior Year.

Each year, three players are selected by the coaches for the Brandon Scott Mullins Leadership Award.  

One Upper House Player is awarded $500 and two Lower House Players receive $250 each.

19-20 MaxChandlerKalebColeNateTanner
Max Holder
Chandler Link
Kaleb Jones
Cole Stranathan
Nate Craig
Tanner McFadden
18-19 HillPulliamBrubaker
Hayden Hill, Layton Pulliam, Xander Brubaker
17-18 BakerPayneBowlds
16-17 Fireline, Payne, Falloway
15-16 Howard, Tanner, Wilson
14-15 Ratusney, Smith,Crabtree
13-14 Elliott Tines, Quinn Burke
13-14 Austin Hayden
Scholarship Begins 2013
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Brandon's mother, Cathy Mullins, presenting the National Anthem

during opening ceremonies of the Alumni Game.

March 2016

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin's team produced this video of the Nashville Predators National Anthem story in honor of our heroes and was published on Super Bowl Sunday 2018.  

Kentucky Remembers is the Signature Project Title of the Brandon Scott Mullins Memorial Foundation 501c3.

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